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New Fishing Outfit @ Sn@tch

Posted by Allessandra Mapholisto on February 22, 2011

Now that the parties are over just sitting around the Sn@tch store fishing for the latest outfit in the pond.  If you haven’t ever fished for something like this before you’ll need to pick up the 7Seas fishing rod(convenient vendor right at the store) and you’re off.  Just going to sit back and relax here for a while….

If you come keep an eye on the lucky chairs too.  All kinds of goodies in there…



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International Fetish Day…Oh What Do I Wear To A Party Like This?

Posted by Allessandra Mapholisto on February 21, 2011

Must admit this has to be one of the hardest posts I’ve ever done.  How do I invite you to party and do fashion at the same time?   Guess a little information about International Fetish Day…. I’ll start by saying I really had no idea about this at all.  A friend of mine asked me DJ the parties at the Roissy sim(yes, the Story of O Roissy)  Here’s the text from the notecard she sent me.
International Fetish Day is a day supporting the BDSM community. It originated in the United Kingdom as “National Fetish Day” and was first held on 21 January 2008.
The first International Fetish Day was held on 16 January 2009.

The main purpose of International Fetish Day is to increase awareness and support of the fetish community, whilst also opposing the new law criminalizing possession of “extreme pornography”.

It is also designed to encourage members of the community to be more open about their sexuality.

Extreme pornography?  Wrap your little twisted brains around that one.  I don’t even want to think about it. lol  SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….here’s the invite to come check out not only me, but also what could turn into a amusing affair.  Throw on that latex, rubber, and whatnot that’s sitting in the deep dark corners of that inventory that you’ve been too scared to wear.
You and your guests are cordially invited to join us in this celebration on Monday, 21 February 2011 at 2 convenient times for our world-wide members, 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM SL ( 13:00 to 15:00 hrs SL) and again from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM SL ( 9-11 PM Eastern U.S. ).
uhhh yeah..going to be a long day for me. lol  Here’s the landmark for the ballroom.  Would love to see ya there!

With the asking to DJ for this shindig came the excuse to shop for some outfits that would fit the occasion.  I’m not going to get to extreme with them but here are a few under consideration at the moment.

I’m kind of leaning towards the third one at the moment since I love the boots.   What do you think?


1- !DeVicious:


3 and 4- Jaimie Earst Fashion:

5- Vinyl Cafe:

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I just don’t have it in me tonight…

Posted by Allessandra Mapholisto on February 19, 2011

Sorry everyone, very late night at work and I can hardly keep my eyes open and feel like I’ve been hit by a Mack truck.  I’ll try to make it up to you tomorrow night.


Kisses all

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It’s Not ALL About The Clothes….

Posted by Allessandra Mapholisto on February 18, 2011

Sometimes it’s just about the toys!  Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my gadgets, games, toys, vehicles, and all the just plain goofy stuff that you can collect in SL.  If only I had unlimited prim I could really put those things to use.  Sadly, like just about everyone else I’m very limited on my prims so I take something out and put it away again like a good little girl to use another day.  And face it..SL is supposed to, above all else, FUN!   Everyone complains about the drama everywhere.  For goodness sake isn’t RL filled with enough real drama as it is?   We come to sl to escape, relax, get away from it all!  One of the simplest pleasures(at least for me because I’m a natural clutz) is falling from anything at all and not getting hurt.  Heck, sometimes I’ll just go jump off a bridge for the fun of it!  Get out and explore the grid, TP to random places and you’ll never know what you might find.  Okay, that’s my rant for the day so back to what I really meant to put in today.   Toys!

A few months ago I ran into this thing called The Truthball.  If you’ve never seen one it’s simply a game that you and your friends, even random groups of people, can click on and it asks questions.   Doesn’t sound all that exciting you say?  Oh ye of little faith!  I’ve had more fun and laughs and to be honest, learned more about some of my dear friends than I ever thought I would.  Question sets range from mild to totally wild and everything in between.  I honestly LOVE this thing!   Not only is there a wide variety of question sets to choose from there are quite a few different designs for the truthballs themselves and all come with loads of question sets to get ya started.  If you’re curious check them out at the mainstore.  The owner, Leesa Donner, is a totally sweetheart and will help you any questions or problems you run into.  Go try it for yourself at her store here  GameFrequency 5:

Another place that I’ve fallen in love with is a store called Never You Mind. Taking up a full sim overflowing with silliness you can find cute animated cartoon creations like the ones in the pictures, things that you can fly or float away in…Take some time to explore and enjoy. I dare you not to leave with smile on your face and a little something of your own to enjoy. All the pictures were taken at the Never You Mind: sim and store.  The balloons are on my little dock just waiting to float away.  Here comes the St. Patty’s goodies too!  Aren’t they cute?  The little flying pig is the Going to be Bald hunt prize.  Grab your own and when someone says, “when pigs fly” just rez out this little cutie.


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Free, Cheap, and Hunt Jewelry Day

Posted by Allessandra Mapholisto on February 17, 2011

After a day off I was a little disappointed to log into sl and not find much of anything in the way of notices except for this one little thing.  A wonderful jewelry store called N@N@ .  I’ve gotten notices in the past but just haven’t checked it out.  I really should have… The owner Natum Andel has created a variety of beautiful pieces at the best prices.  I even found a few as low as 2L!  Her textures are wonderful and the designs are creative, fun, versatile, and very wearable.  Here’s a few pics…

The first is the Slap N Dash board. Still a little time tonight to get your name on the list
2nd and 3rd is the Touch of Sensuality Hunt gift
The rest are some that I just had to have, one is even one of the 2L items I mentioned! I’m not going to tell ya which ones since I’m evil and want you really look around. Have no fear, it’s not some giant mega store that you’ll get lost in. lol Just go on in and look around. I’m more than sure you’ll find something you love and have to take home.


To end tonight just going to mention really quick, since plenty of other blogs are covering this better than I can, the cart sale at The Wash.  If you want to find some great bargains on tons of designer items go look around  The Wash: (and by bargain I mean everything on the carts is 10L or less!)

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It’s All About The Nails, Prim Nails That Is

Posted by Allessandra Mapholisto on February 14, 2011

Hi everyone!  Happy Valentines Day!  I’ve got the day off so I’m posting early!  YAY!  Not that I’ve got something planned since my other half is across the country but I might try to find something to do all my little ole’ lonesome in SL.  Suggestions are welcome, invite me to an event, I’M DESPERATE!  Seriously, I am…

Going to give ya a quicky on prim nails.  Now I know this seems to be a love them or leave them thing for most of us girls and in general I fall into the love them group.  Way back when I had my own store I made some claws of my own and must admit those first ones seem pretty awful now.  They were really long… I’ve made some new ones since then that are much better. lol  What’s a kitty without her claws?  If anyone wants a set just IM me and I’ll send a pair for you to play with.    Anyhow..There a many stores offering prim nails these days.  Some are better than others but if you really like these little fashion accessories try a few and find some that work for you.  Not all are equal needless to say.  Seems more stores, such as CCD are offering nails with rings attached, color change, little gems on the nails, all sorts of cutesy stuff.   The picture below are just a few examples of nails I’ve picked up recently and a few group gifts too. 
The three from Candynail were either group gifts or their lucky board prizes. The Formanail is the current group gift and the set from CCD cost around 700L(Don’t quote me on that since I can’t really remember) but they do come with rings attached. Very beautiful. The only thing that irks my inner perfectionist is the inability to mod. Most do come close to fitting but those little gaps just drive me crazy. Even if I’m the only one who can see it. It’s a good thing to wear the glove layer that comes with the sets and remember to tint it to your skin tone. Covers the nail that’s standard on AV hands so it hides the little imperfections for the most part. Even with the no mod drawback I still plan on adding to my nail collection.
‘Nuff said, here’s a list of different stores that carry nails..

If you guys know of any others please let me know.  Always looking for great new stores.

That’s it for now!  Have a good night everyone!

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I’m Broke So It’s Freebie Time!

Posted by Allessandra Mapholisto on February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day to everyone btw…I spent all my Lindens on the KittyCats last night so tonight will just have to be freebies.   Probably for the next few days too. lol To make this go quicker I’m just going to throw out the pictures then the landmarks.   The shoes aren’t tinted and the backgrounds are crap but a girl can only do so much some nights.   Sorry… Crazy night at the airport tonight and I’m totally beat…

So here we go…

Don’t ask me how this happened but…1 and 8 free at VelvetRythms Both in the same box. If you join the group there are always new gifts to be had.

2 and 3   Box located right outside the main door… JJ Lanes Worth a twirl around the store. Lots of cute furniture.

Morantique Good sized skybox..would make a great ballroom…

5,6 and 7  All gifts in the FabFree group.  Join then search the notices and grab them for yourself.

Now it’s time for me to relax and watch a new k-drama…. Happy hunting everyone!

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New At AMD, Purrfect 10 gifts, and Valentines KittyCats are out!

Posted by Allessandra Mapholisto on February 13, 2011

Let me start out tonight by saying thank you to those few of you that are reading the blog.  I know there aren’t many of you but it does mean a lot to me.  So hugs and kisses whoever you are!  If you see me in world please don’t be afraid to come up and say hello.  The very best thing about SL is getting to know new people.   With that said let’s get to the stuff I have to show you tonight.

AMD has a new release and a little gift out for Valentines Day.  The gift is worth checking out if you’re a skin collector since it’s kind of cute and unique.  This is another store that I have a ton of outfits from.  I really love the way the skirts move since I like to dance a lot and they flow just like RL material would.  It came with a prim jacket also but I liked it much better without it.                       


Much has been written in the blogs about Purrfect 10 shoes and with good reason. There may not be lots of styles to choose from yet but what this store has in its inventory is high quality and the owner is more than generous with her gifts. The VIP group costs to join but considering the wonderful gifts we’ve been getting since the store opened its paid for itself many times over. There is also a free group that still receives some free shoes but if you join the VIP group you won’t be sorry. These three are the latest beauties.  I didn’t quite get the skin perfectly matched so the perfectionist in me is screaming but it’s very easy to adjust the skin tones on these shoes.  I just need to take some more time with it. lol

Purrfect 10:

KittyCats released the special editions today so I ran over as soon as I logged in and got four of them. They are only being sold for eight days so if you want to get yours better jet over to the store and adopt a few for yourself or they would make a great Valentines gift for someone. I took a few pics of my new housemates but couldn’t catch one of them since he was running all over the place and boy can these cats move fast!


Just in case any of you were wondering, or even care, I tend to take all my photos at my little house since by the time I get home and get started on the posts it’s very late and I’m really just too tired to tp around to find someplace to take pictures. If you see something in there that you have questions about just IM me and I’ll give you the info.

Night everyone!

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Couldn’t sleep but I did find something fun

Posted by Allessandra Mapholisto on February 12, 2011

This is totally NOT second life related but kind of fun…

Just click to make it bigger. lol  Also takes ya to the site to make your own.
Wordle: win with this
See if you can figure it out and win a prize!  From me of course…

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Well I Had Something Planned….

Posted by Allessandra Mapholisto on February 12, 2011

I really did have something planned to show you tonight but when I got home and logged on my notices where just flooded with too many goodies.  Now I’m sitting here wondering just what to show you.  Morea Style is having a 50% off sale…Tons of beautiful dresses and casual stuff there…Mea Culpa  with their new fantasy outfit that is to die for…Alienbears new jewelry?  My head is spinning right now!  60L weekend and The Dressing Room!  Going to take me all night and some of tomorrow to get to all the places I need and want to go. GAAAAA  Cheeky Pea and Super Bargain Saturday!  Kill me now!  Okay, how about this.  I’ll throw out the pictures and slurls and I’ll let you decide where to drag your little pixel behinds.

First the link for 60L weekends..I always take a look at the picasa page then just go to the stores that way… Have fun with that…

Here’s the free Valentines set from Alienbear and colorful Queen necklace that I’m going to run over and get.  Store has just about every kind of jewelry you could think of but they are best known for the formal variety.  The sets with the crowns are to die for!  Pictures just can’t do the quality justice.  Have to go see for yourself.  Trust me on this one.


This next outfit speaks for itself – OPPRESSIVE PROPHECY Check it out at Mea Culpa:

Eshi Otawara is giving us this lovely outfit for 50L! The mistress of fantasy goodness is being too generous!

Sweet and romantic is how I’d describe this lovely creation…Get it at the store or save 100L if you buy it on the marketplace. Here’s the links (if you want to buy it through the marketplace)

Also found here SALT:

Since I mentioned all those other stores and stuff at the beginning of yet another very long post here’s the slurls

The Dressing Room: Great discounts on designer items. You’ll love it

Morea Style: Stunning variety of gowns and casual clothing.  Don’t forget about the 50% off sale!

Cheeky Pea: Cute furniture for home and garden with poses.

That’s it! Happy shopping!

Disclamer – Since my fuzzy, stripped self wasn’t in any of these photographs, all pictures are property of their respective creators.

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